Wednesday, May 4, 2011

unexplained absences....explained!

Okay. since most of the people I know who read this are my friends, y'all probably already know what's going on in my little neck of the woods. (i.e. my gigantic uterus.) So I'll be quick with the backstory and then give y'all a quickie update, too. Then I'm getting horizontal again.

Last Thursday, I had a regular checkup with the doctor (at 33w4d) and he found a bulge/hernia in my uterus. I'd been complaining of pain for a while, but now it was like "Oh, yeah, well, I guess you were serious. And here's the reason." Turns out I'm at peak risk for a uterine rupture and the decision was made to get the baby out quickly. Fine by me. They gave me two steroid shots and sent me home to lie around and gestate. My pain level went up...and up....and up over the weekend, and on Monday, I called and begged for an immediate amniocentisis and c/s. No dice. The doctor wanted to wait until Thursday (tomorrow) and do it then. So I've been in bed and in pain pretty much since then. Also, sleep has been non-forthcoming. I am absolutely a hormonal, irritable, hot rotund mess right now. Thank GOD Chris took time off - and my mother also took time off to come down and help me. (seriously, what would we do without our mothers??)

Today, I've been pretty much non-functional. I thought about blogging, but all that I would have been able to type was "DAMMIT this HURTS....get this baby out NOW." Yeah - it's been that bad of a day. This evening it's let up a little bit (thanks to mommy's prescription, which Andy calls "turkey-set") and I'm moderately functional for the time being. (This is unusual for me, because typically I put the 'fun' in dysfunctional, but I digress. Did I mention I'm on painkillers?)

So, most of you knew that. Here's the update.

We go in tomorrow morning at 8am for the amniocentisis. For those of you who don't know, that's when the doctor sticks a huge-ass, incredibly frightening needle directly into my abdomen and takes out some fluid from around la bambina. They test said fluid for her lung maturity. If her lungs are mature, then her eviction is, like, immediate. Here's the rub, though...they're telling me that the tests may not make it back until too late in the day to get her out tomorrow. So now it looks like Friday. I am pissed beyond belief and hoping something will speed this process along.

So that's what's up. Y'all keep me in your thoughts, huh? I don't have a needle phobia, but I'm still not crazy about this procedure tomorrow. (Y'all should SEE this needle, it's incredible.)

Love to all,


  1. Just close your eyes and it'll all be over quickly.

    Please ask Sharon to post an update so we know how you're doing.

    You'll be in our thoughts always.

    Love back at you.